Nov 02, 2018

Sari Trisulo, senior director at MTV Asia and Comedy Central Asia, on creating an inclusive working environment in an exclusive culture.

"When you only have one point of view at the table, when you only have a majority of the same kind of people doing and saying the same thing, that's never healthy," says Sari Trisulo, senior director of content and production management for MTV Asia and Comedy Central Asia. “I don’t think that’s an environment where you can actually do things differently.”

Trisulo, an LGBTQ+ parent of three, oversees original production and content development for the Southeast Asian divisions of two of Viacom’s major networks, a role which includes developing live shows and other experiences.

"Everyone has a seat at the table, and that’s just the way we created it."

She lives in Singapore, where gay marriage isn’t legal and same-sex civil

partnerships aren’t recognized. “You don’t get the same benefits or the same privileges as straight people,” she explains. However, Trisulo says the limits of society aren’t reflected in her current work environment. “Viacom actually recognizes my partner and my children.”

It's important to Trisulo to support the company's efforts by ensuring diversity is present on her level and within her department.

"I think at large corporations, by and large, there can be an imbalance in some ways, but for myself and within the production department . . . we have to focus on being diverse and inclusive.” As she puts it, “everyone has a seat at the table, and that’s just the way we created it.”