Jun 26, 2021

ViacomCBS is home to an iconic portfolio of brands, the #1 broadcast network, thousands of episodes of content and films—and an ad sales organization using that powerhouse of content to meet client demands.

We spoke to ad sales executives across the company on just how they are utilizing reach and scale, premium content, and creative marketing capabilities. 

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ViacomCBS offers marketers the opportunity to bundle all products across its ecosystem through one single buy, aiming for maximum reach and effectiveness for its advertising partners.

Lindsay Britt, VP, convergent ad sales, ViacomCBS, explains that these solutions span linear or digital platforms, influencer marketing, and event-based opportunities and are all rooted in premium content. And the main thread holding it all together is the coordination across the ViacomCBS ad sales org.

Britt, who has been with the company for more than a decade, says that following the Viacom and CBS merger in 2019, the ad sales team has come together as “one united team,” allowing them to work with advertisers more effectively.

“Our common goal is maximizing success for our clients—and utilizing our massive ecosystem to do it,” says Britt.


With the #1 broadcast network, CBS, in its portfolio, ViacomCBS knows the power of linear television. However, as digital becomes more of a household staple, the company’s ad sales team is making sure its reach extends to all platforms.

Over the past year, ViacomCBS has completed or extended a number of sports deals with the NFL, SEC, UEFA, NCAA and March Madness, and the PGA Tour and Championship, as well as a continued roster of diverse content across genres—from entertainment, news, sports, live events, and more.

“We’re fond of saying ‘Content is King,’ and we truly believe that. We embrace it,” says Matt Sautner, svp of primetime sales for ViacomCBS. “What makes our content premium is the breadth and depth of all the different genres we hit — there’s really a little bit of everything for the entire audience. We take great pride in delivering the content audiences want to see.”


During the 2021 Upfront on May 19, the company touted its award-winning custom creative, branded programming, live events, influencer and shopper marketing solutions. These capabilities, says Trisha Engelman, VP, integrated marketing, branded programming & influence, “stand on the shoulders of the company’s rich legacy.”

“ViacomCBS is a portfolio of world-class entertainment brands; we create the shows that drive culture,” says Engelman. “We help brands tell their story in a way that builds trust and communities, turning our audience into their fans.”

ViacomCBS offers both scale and quality, Engelman adds, something that not all partners are equipped to do.

“We don’t dispense one to deliver the other,” she says. “And that’s what sets us apart.”



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