VH1 Greenlights New Shows Including Original Scripted Series “Hindsight” as Primetime Ratings Rise +33% Year-to-Date among Adults 18-49

Mar 05, 2014
By ViacomCBS Staff

Additional New Series Include: “I ♥ Nick Carter,” “Untitled K.Michelle Project” (Working Title), “Swab Stories,” “Walk of Shame Shuttle,” “This is Hot 97,” and “White Girls of Rap” (Working Title) from Ryan Seacrest Productions

New Shows Round Out Extensive Slate Including Scripted Movie “Drumline: A New Beat,” “LeAnn & Eddie,” “Suave Says” (working title), “Naked Dating” (working title), and “Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project”

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VH1 has given the greenlight to several new original series in the midst of a viewership momentum that has propelled primetime ratings up +33% in the adult 18-49 demo year-to-date. In fact, VH1 is the #1 network with Women 18-49 and Women 18-34 on Monday nights* to date while the network’s Thursday night demo ratings are up +200% thanks to series “Couples Therapy” and “Mob Wives.”

Leading off the greenlights is Hindsight,” VH1’s next entry in its already successful foray into the scripted series arena. The series will be written by Emily Fox and executive produced by Carl Beverly and Sarah Timberman.

Additional story-driven series joining the VH1 slate include:

“I ♥ Nick Carter” focuses on Backstreet Boy Nick Carter’s relationship with his fiancée; “Untitled K.Michelle Project” follows the “Love and Hip Hop” star’s bright music career; “Swab Stories” chronicles how lost family members re-connect thanks to DNA testing; “Walk Of Shame Shuttle” follows a young entrepreneur and her popular service for college students who overindulged the previous night; “This Is HOT 97” gives viewers a comedic look inside this iconic radio brand and “White Girls Of Rap” features female rappers striving for success in a male-dominated business in a series produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions.

This announcement comes on the heels of previously announced new projects including the already buzzed-about reality dating series “Naked Dating,” upcoming Summer 2014 series LeAnn & Eddie,”Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project” and Suave Says,” and the addition of Nick Lachey as host of VH1’s live morning pop culture show “Big Morning Buzz Live” from Times Square.

“With these greenlights, we are delivering a diverse mix of bold, big-hearted programs that will reflect and expand on our signature mash-up of music, pop culture and nostalgia,” said Susan Levison, EVP of Original Programming and Production. "From scripted, to docuseries to humor to reality, we are superserving our audience with a wide array of cut-through programming.”

“Hindsight” is just the latest project fueling VH1’s successful momentum in the scripted genre. Last month, the network announced that it’s partnering with Nick Cannon on new film “Drumline: A New Beat” with Fox Television Studios. VH1 delivered the highest-rated original cable movie of 2013 among adults 18-49 with “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story,” which attracted 4.5 million total viewers for its October 21 premiere, averaged a 2.9 rating in the adult 18-49 demo and generated over 2 million tweets. “Hit The Floor” was the highest-rated new scripted cable series in Summer 2013 in the adult 18-49 demo.

“Hindsight” ± Premiering Early 2015

The series begins with Becca (Laura Ramsey) on the eve of her second wedding. It all seems perfect this time around, but she is still plagued by doubt. What if she could fix everything, and make the ‘right’ choices this time? Becca finds herself thinking about her former best friend Lolly (Sarah Goldberg), with whom she had a falling out many years ago. If only she could talk to her once again… Suddenly, after a freakish elevator ride, Becca gets the opportunity to do just that as she wakes up in New York City on the morning of her first wedding day in 1995. She’s about to marry Sean (Craig Horner), a bad-boy artist who is all wrong for her – and she knows her first move must be to reconnect with Lolly to re-live that day. Can she ‘make it right’ by living her life all over while readapting to life in New York City in the 90’s – a time of smoking in bars, carrying pagers, having an AOL email address? Becca will soon discover there’s no sure-fire way to make the right choices in life - even knowing everything she thinks she knows now.

“Hindsight” is written by Emily Fox (“Jane By Design”), and the pilot was directed by Michael Trim (“Orange Is the New Black”). Carl Beverly and Sarah Timberman serve as executive producers for Timberman/Beverly (Masters Of Sex, Justified, Elementary). Maggie Malina (Hit The Floor, Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story) will also serve as executive producer as will Alex Motlagh for Pop Films (Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story) and Emily Fox. Susan Levison and Jill Holmes are executive producers for VH1.

“I ♥ Nick Carter” + Premiering Summer 2014

Growing up in front of the camera as the most popular member of the Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter has lived a charmed life. Known for being the only single member of the band, Nick was deemed ‘America's Most Eligible Bachelor’ and reveled in the title. But now, all that’s about to change – after years of playing the field (and the occasional bad romance) Nick Carter has finally found love, and is getting prepared to take the long walk down the aisle. Nick’s fiancée Lauren Kitt is a smart, self-possessed woman who has become the center of his universe. But no one said love would be easy. Lauren may be the apple of Nick’s eye, but his devoted fans aren’t too pleased to see their idol snatched away by ‘another woman.’ Add to the mix Nick’s demanding career, as well as both Nick and Lauren’s outrageous families, and suddenly ‘happily ever after’ seems a whole lot more difficult to achieve. “I ♥ Nick Carter” will follow Nick and Lauren as they chart the sometimes rocky path to ‘I Do.’ Will their love prove strong enough to overcome all the obstacles that stand in their way? “I ♥ Nick Carter” premieres Summer 2014 on VH1.

“I ♥ Nick Carter” is executive produced by Eric Bischoff, Jason Hervey and Riaz Patel for Bischoff Hervey Entertainment. Nick Carter also executive produces. Susan Levison, Jill Holmes, Kristen Kelly, Fernando Mills and Laurel Stier serve as executive producers for VH1.

“Untitled K.Michelle Project” + Premiering Summer 2014

It looks as if “Love & Hip Hop” star K.Michelle finally has everything she’s ever wanted. Success, fame, a hit album – but is it all it’s cracked up to be? VH1 will follow K. as she learns to balance life, relationships, and bona fide superstardom with the help of a dynamic group of friends. It may appear like she has it all together, but nothing is as it seems in K’s crazy world. Notorious for her red hair, razor sharp wit and fiery tongue, K.Michelle navigates New York City and her life with a renewed dedication to her son, her friends, and her career. K.Michelle has the life she’s always dreamed of, but will it ever be enough? Find out when the “Untitled K.Michelle Project” premieres on VH1 Fall 2014.

Untitled K.Michelle Project” is executive produced by Mona Scott-Young and Stephanie Gayle for Monami Entertainment. Toby Barraud, Stefan Springman, and Mala Chapple are executive producers for Eastern TV. Co-executive producers for Eastern TV are Jeff Grogan and Robyn Schnieders. K.Michelle is also executive producer, with Jeff Robinson co-executive producing. Susan Levison, Brad Abramson and Danielle Gelfand are executive producers for VH1. Vivian Gomez is coordinating producer for VH1.

“Swab Stories” + Premiering Summer 2014

VH1’s new series “Swab Stories” follows entrepreneur Jared Rosenthal, the owner of “Who’s Your Daddy,” a mobile DNA testing service based in New York City. Part lab, part therapist, part arbiters of conflict, Jared and his team travel neighborhood to neighborhood to give people the chance to answer potentially life-altering questions about who they are, where they came from, and how they fit into their loved ones’ lives. The “Who’s Your Daddy” RV serves as an icebreaker, and allows people to take DNA tests right on the spot with one simple swab of the mouth. “Swab Stories” is a captivating new series about a process that reveals the truth behind people's most fundamental questions-- easing their minds or potentially breaking their hearts. “Swab Stories” premieres September 2014 on VH1.

Swab Stories” is executive produced by Seanbaker Carter, Joel Olicker, Stephanie Carter, Jared Rosenthal, and Royd Chung for Powderhouse Productions. Susan Levison and Kari McFarland serve as executive producers for VH1. Sean Gottlieb is supervising producer for VH1.

“Walk Of Shame Shuttle” + Premiering Summer 2014

The morning-after “walk of shame” is an inevitable part of today’s college experience. But where others simply saw hungover students trudging home following a night of drunken festivities, undergrad-turned-entrepreneur Kellyann Wargo found a business model – the opportunity to make some money while providing an essential service. And so, the “Walk Of Shame Shuttle” was born. For five dollars, Wargo will provide students and other hard-partying clients with a ride back to their dorm or apartment, along with a bottle of water and a complimentary high-five to cheer them up. On VH1's "Walk of Shame Shuttle," we rig Wargo's car with cameras and document every hilarious ride. Along the way, Wargo dispenses her own unique advice and tough love to her captive audience. On this series, Kellyann Wargo provides the ‘cheapest therapy sessions’ for these sometimes guilt-ridden students – and finds out why sometimes the morning-after stories are better than the ones from the night before. “Walk Of Shame Shuttle” premieres Summer 2014 on VH1.

“Walk of Shame Shuttle” is executive produced by Brian Graden, Lois Curren and Gaurav Misra for BG Media. Susan Levison, Jill Holmes, Kristen Kelly, and Fernando Mills serve as executive producers for VH1.


Known as the place “Where Hip Hop Lives,” New York’s globally recognized #1 radio station HOT 97 is teaming up with VH1 to take viewers on a behind-the-scenes look into the Big Apple’s go-to destination for Hip Hop and R&B with the debut of “This Is HOT 97.” Premiering on VH1 March 31 at 10:30 PM ET/ PT, “This Is HOT 97” is a 30-minute unscripted comedy series that gives viewers a look inside this iconic radio brand. HOT 97 is the global mecca of Hip Hop and R&B music, and this crew functions more as a family than a group of coworkers – they go hard for each other, but above all they live, eat and breathe HOT 97. The series will also feature cameos from the well-known celebrities who regularly visit HOT 97 as on-air guests including Kanye West, Macklemore, Rick Ross, Mack Wilds, Wale and many more. Each episode of “This Is HOT 97” will draw upon the ambitions, rivalries and quirky personalities of the cast to capture all of the comedic and sometimes downright awkward moments that happen at the station on a daily basis. Tune in to the series premiere of “This Is HOT 97” Monday, March 31 at 10:30 PM ET/ PT on VH1.

“This Is HOT 97” is executive produced by Mona Scott-Young for Monami Entertainment and Toby Barraud, Stefan Springman, Mala Chapple and Ian Gelfand for Eastern. Susan Levison, Brad Abramson and Stephen Mintz are executive producers for VH1. Co-executive producer for Eastern is David Digangi and Vivian Gomez is coordinating producer for VH1.

White Girls Of Rap (working title) + Premiering Fall 2014

VH1 in partnership with Ryan Seacrest Productions will follow five up-and-coming white female rappers (Yep, we said it, white female rappers) as they hustle to establish credibility in an industry that isn’t known for being the most welcoming. These girls are facing near-impossible odds and will do anything to break into the rap game and establish a name for themselves. “White Girls of Rap” will premiere in late 2014 with 6 half hour episodes.

White Girls of Rap” is executive produced by Ryan Seacrest and Izzie Pick Ashcroft for Ryan Seacrest Productions. VH1 executive producers are Susan Levison, Jill Holmes, Kristen Kelly and Fernando Mills.

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