VidCon and Hank Green Launch the Vidcon Emerging Creator Grant Program

Jun 24, 2018
By ViacomCBS Staff

VidCon and founder to gift $2000 to a different emerging creator every week to help fund and fuel the democratization of online video and the creator economy

Today during the Creator Keynote at VidCon US, Hank Green announced the launch of the VidCon Emerging Creator Grant Program.

Every week during the next year VidCon will gift a one-time $2000 grant to an emerging online video content creator via an application and intimate committee selection process, led by Hank Green and the VidCon production team. The focus of the program will be on up and coming creators who are building audiences and communities and who have yet to reach a level of monetary success that allows them full-time resources to hone their craft.  

The VidCon Emerging Creator Grant program will deliver 52  $2000 grants over the next 12 months. The first grants will be selected starting June 2018 and the last will be selected June 2019.

"Nothing is out there making this job easier, and a lot of things are out there making it harder," said Hank Green, when asked why VidCon was starting this program.

“There are so many independent creators making amazing stuff who might just need that little boost, whether it’s the money, or a bit of recognition. The entire VidCon team is hoping that this program will help creators who are making content for underserved audiences, building strong communities, educating people, or just making them smile,” Green shared.

Requirements to apply for the VidCon Emerging Creator Grant are minimal:

  • Creating content for one or more of the known social media platforms and/or a personal blog

  • Uploading at least two videos a month or pieces of content (as deemed by the selection committee), consistently for six months, prior to the grant application

  • Garnering less than 150,000 views (similar engagement depending on platform) consistently

  • Currently residing in the United States

  • Submitting an online application

“The online video ecosystem depends on a vibrant, independent creator community, and VidCon does too,” said Jim Louderback, General Manager of VidCon. “We hope this will help creators create, and also show just how much we appreciate their vision, hard work and dedication.”

There are no restrictions on how the grant funds are used. The intent of the program is to enable emerging creators to make content and help to supplement their hard work as they grow their communities and careers online.

Each grant, for example, can assist with new equipment, a location shoot, taking some time off of a day job, or just helping pay rent. The goal is for this grant to help enhance creator’s ability to bring to life their passion and make life a little easier.

In addition to receiving the grant, each VidCon Emerging Grant program winner will receive a single Creator pass to a VidCon of their choice between August 2018 and June 2020 including VidCon US, VidCon Australia and the recently announced VidCon London, travel is not included.

To apply for the grant and for more information please visit:

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Chrystina Woody Train
Director of Marketing, VidCon